Refined Oil

D6 Diesel, JP 54 Jet fuel, D2 Diesel, AGO Fuel Oil

D6 Diesel

D6 diesel or the residual fuel oil is unique in its high viscosity. This oil is a popular lubricant for generators. D6 is used in large ships and power plants compared to the smaller vehicles, engines or vessels. This particular diesel requires some preheating to get rid of the Sulphur. The trend says, …

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JP 54 Jet Fuel

JP 54 Jet Fuel is better known as the Aviation Fuel. We claim to have the real expertise and market knowledge to be one among the leading JP54 jet fuel suppliers. These are turbine fuels which are one of the primary fuels used in jet engines and aircraft turbine engines. The word ‘JP’ stands for …

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D2 Diesel

One of our core products in the family of refined oils, is the D2 diesel. It is popularly known as the Gasoil. The D2 variant is a fuel oil and is the second distillate extracted from the crude oil. The products of the D2 diesel variant have different levels of Sulphur and therefore, …

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d2 2

AGO Fuel Oil

AGO is another variant of diesel fuel. It is widely used in Africa due to its higher flashpoint which is above 66. This helps in the evaporation process as a result of high heat conditions in places like Africa. The full form of AGO is Automotive Gas & Oils and it is another important part of …

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