Liquefied Natural Gas

LNG, better known as Liquefied Natural Gas is a natural gas in a liquid form. It is clear and colorless in appearance as well as odourless, non-corrosive, non-toxic in its characteristic. A very interesting fact to share is that Liquefied Natural Gas is produced when natural gas is cooled to minus 259 degrees Fahrenheit. This process is called liquefaction. In this process, the natural gas, primarily methane, is cooled below its boiling point. It is here that certain concentrations of hydrocarbons, water, carbon dioxide, oxygen and Sulphur compounds are either reduced or eradicated. A fantastic fact about LNG is its weight; it is less than half the weight of water which makes it float when spilled on water.

This liquefied natural gas mainly comes from countries which have the largest natural gas reserves, like, Algeria, Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Libya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Oman, Quatar, Trinidad and Tabago. The gas is transported in double-hulled ships specially crafted to deal with the low temperature of LNG. These carriers are insulated in order to check the evaporation of the natural gas. There are several LNG terminals in various parts of the United States. This natural gas is not explosive as a liquid. Compared to the diesel, LNG ensures cleaner burning. It is an inch ahead of the diesel fuel; its high storage density makes the gas a more viable option than the diesel fuel. There are certain niche markets which use LNG. It has an increased driving range and is therefore, used in heavy-duty vehicles like local delivery/grocery trucks and transit buses. LNG is cost efficient for vehicles running long distances. Interestingly, LNG is extensively used for transporting natural gas to markets.

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