JP 54

Jet Fuel

JP 54 Jet Fuel

JP 54 Jet Fuel is better known as the Aviation Fuel. We claim to have the real expertise and market knowledge to be one among the leading JP54 jet fuel suppliers. These are turbine fuels which are one of the primary fuels used in jet engines and aircraft turbine engines. The word ‘JP’ stands for ‘jet propulsion, A1, Colonial Grade 54’. During the process of refining, it is only 15% of the crude oil consists of JP54. JP54 powers gas turbines aircraft engines and the major portion of jet fuel exported from Russia is JP54. So far as the property of JP54 is concerned, it contains additives like antioxidant in hydro processed fuel, antioxidant non hydro processed fuel, static dissipater first doping ASA-3 and Stadis 450. The combustion properties include specific energy, smoke point, luminometer number, naphthalenes.

We at Bell Petrogas LLC, have included JP54 Jet Fuel as one of the leading products in our category of refined oils. It is a special grade of kerosene with a flash point of 125 degrees Fahrenheit or 52 degrees Celsius. It is clear to straw colored and produced with internationally standardized specifications. Such Jet fuel is a mixture of a large number of hydrocarbons. We are here to give a simple clarification; Jet Fuel is kerosene and not distilled like gas or diesel. It is at the refinery that jet fuel is separated above gasoline and paraffin. JP 54 therefore, is not traded at the trading desk. It is sold as Aviation fuel A1 with a number of specifications and the most usual one being Colonial Grade 54. It is our reputation and integrity which aims to provide JP 54 Jet Fuel with accurate pricing, terms and conditions. We welcome and appreciate a fair negotiation with buyers as we reaffirm our presence as a reliable fuel trading enterprise.