D6 diesel or the residual fuel oil is unique in its high viscosity. This oil is a popular lubricant for generators. D6 is used in large ships and power plants compared to the smaller vehicles, engines or vessels. This particular diesel requires some preheating to get rid of the Sulphur. The trend says, the D6 diesel witnesses a price hike during the wintry months with a higher demand for heating oil. The question remains, what is the real appeal of the D6 diesel? Well, it is the cheapest liquid fuel oil available in the market. Such residual fuel oil has a strong history. It was efficiently used in the past in boilers, steamships and even railroad steam locomotives. The tradition is still maintained in the industrial boilers using D6 diesel oil and a few old buildings including the city of New York. Our company is here to cater to the demands for D6 diesel as it is one of the majorrefined oils in our product portfolio.

Depending on the ignition quality of the residual fuel oil, CCAI and CII are the two indexes. CCAI is one such category considered for marine fuels. D6, with its preheating requirement, is popular in large vehicles. The travel has to be big shot for the perfect utilization of the residual fuel oil! It is mention worthy that diesel fuel oil is a mixture of hydrocarbons and produced as a result of the distillation of crude oil. It is our responsibility to let our customers know the unique characteristics of fuel oil like fuel volatility, density, viscosity and Sulphur content. This oil is both dense and oily. The good news of course, is its modern version with low Sulphur content. Such ultra-low Sulphur variant is widely used in private vehicles, public vehicles, delivery trucks as well as military vehicles. Industrial and construction equipments are much dependent on this fuel.

D6 Diesel