One of our core products in the family of refined oils, is the D2 diesel. It is popularly known as the Gasoil. The D2 variant is a fuel oil and is the second distillate extracted from the crude oil. The products of the D2 diesel variant have different levels of Sulphur and therefore, no additives or reformers are needed for its production. It is noteworthy that diesel fuel is both efficient and safe compared to the gasoline. Its efficiency lies in its 10% more energy per gallon as against gasoline. Also, unlike gasoline vapors, the vapors of diesel fuel do not explode or ignite. Hence, it’s definitely a degree safer. D2 is a standard diesel fuel used under normal driving conditions as well as by truck drivers for long distances. There are ultralow Sulphur grades of D2 Diesel like GOST 305-82 which causes reduction of Sulphur content thereby minimizing emission of Sulphur pollution.This GOST variant of D2 (GOST 305-82) specifies a Sulphur content of 0.02 MAX and this is according to the ISO standard.D2 diesel is usually used in diesel engines. It is a liquid fuel and its ignition takes place without a spark. It has a broad use as it is extremely fuel efficient.

The good news to share is that we are here to sell this fuel efficient D2 diesel oil to the Texans. We are here to make Gasoil or D2 diesel oil transactions conforming to the environmental laws of the country. We assure our buyers accurate information on pricing, terms and conditions. Our buyers have the privilege of enjoying complete freedom from unlawful brokers and intermediaries. There is full proof assurance of quality and price. We come here with a promise of being the one-point contact availing this useful D2 diesel oil. The pages of history tell us that even before petrol cars came into picture, the first engines used D2 as the fuel.

D2 Diesel