Bonny Light Crude Oil

Bonny Light Crude Oil or BLCO from Nigeria forms an inherent part in the portfolio of Bell Petrogas LLC. It is a high grade crude oil with high API gravity, mainly produced in the Nigerian delta basin. Its unique feature is its low corrosiveness, a natural consequence of its low Sulphur content. It is in high demand, especially in the refineries of Europe and America. Our company is dedicated to the supply of this crude oil from Nigeria. The oil has been named after the city of Bonny, a neighboring region of the basin where it is produced. The government of Nigeria operates the supply of this oil through NNPC or Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

The pricing of BLCO is decided by NNPC. It is this Corporation that publishes specific protocols for the transaction of BLCO. We, Bell Petrogas LLC, have the right of acquisition of an allotment to sell this Nigerian crude oil, approved by the NNPC directors. We have the recognition of a potential allotee with a positive nod of approval to acquire and sell BLCO. We value quality and our performance is commensurate with the demand for this high graded crude oil.

Today, Bonny Light Crude Oil is the most expensive oil after Brent due to its low Sulphur content. In spite of its high price, the oil has proved its worth in refineries across the globe. This light oil coupled with its less corrosive nature, is the most sought after product in the field of crude oil. BLCO has outpaced other crude oils in its value for money. On one hand, refineries have a constant need of BLCO. On the other, NNPC needs a reliable industry to allocate the sale of this prime crude oil. Ours is a company with the requisite knowledge and relevant network to build a relation of trust and transparency, enabling us to procure and supply the best quality the Nigerian Bonny Light Crude Oil.