Fuel Oil

AGO is another variant of diesel fuel. It is widely used in Africa due to its higher flashpoint which is above 66. This helps in the evaporation process as a result of high heat conditions in places like Africa. The full form of AGO is Automotive Gas & Oils and it is another important part of our range of refined oil products. This fuel is mainly of use for road vehicles like trucks, buses, vans and cars, which are powered by diesel engines. This fuel can also be used to power generators. AGO has the capacity to undergo compression ignition. Also, its higher cetane number fuel readily helps in ignition. Automotive Gas Oil is clear and bright in appearance. There has been a considerable rise in the demand for AGO as a natural consequence of increased industrialization and construction. Apart from the specific uses of AGO in heavy and light road vehicles, it is also in locomotives, marine boats, pumps, mills and for heating oil in colder climates.

We at Bell Petrolgas LLC, possess the expertise of safe storage of the gas oil in accordance with the local law and regulations. It needs storage in a segregated and approved area. Our infrastructure fully supports these specifications of storage in original containers, well protected from direct exposure to the sunlight. Our stock of AGO is stored at a place away from possible sources of ignition with sufficient space for ventilation. AGO has a unique characteristic of slight dispersibility in hot water and non dispersibility in cold water. It is insoluble in both hot and cold water. With our dedicated team of professionals, we have been successful in emerging as a prime oil and gas company in Texas and AGO is an inherent part of our well thought-of range of products in the field of oil and gas.