About Us

Bell Petrogas LLC

A good news for the people of Texas! Bell Petrogas LLC, a new oil and gas company, has emerged as your new partner of choice with a promising vision and ambitious journey! It ’s a new destination at Houston with a competent team of professionals ready to serve with their technical know-how and deeply rooted values.

Who are we?

We are part of Bell Tech Inc operating since 1995 with our CEO Amb. Raffy Bell. The core businesses of Bell Tech Inc. is telecommunications, oil and gas and health management.

About Bell Tech Group

The group’s manpower exceeds 600 satisfied employees, its headquarters being Houston, Texas. Ever since inception, the Bell Tech group has focused on a steady expansion including international real-estate, refinery development and transportation improvement (rail connecting states).

Bell Petrogas LLC

It was March, 2016. The oil and gas division started functioning as a distinct, autonomous body. We are here to sell both refined and crude oil commodities. Ours is an organization driven by sound knowledge and undeterred focus in ensuring an undisputed quality. Our strength lies in the supply of crude oils with Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO) from Nigeria being the main crude oil. We are equally competent global partners in the field of refined oils which include D6, JP 54, D2, AGO. Adding to our portfolio, we are suppliers of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as well.

Here we are, an independent company with our core component being oil & gas. The prime corporate focus in energy enables us to provide cost effective solutions for our worthy clients. The demand for energy is constantly on the rise. We consider this our social and environmental responsibility to give precedence to the power of professionalism, technology and do things differently. The company has a firm vision, well planned strategy and a vigor to adapt to new challenges. Our vision is to move beyond the horizon and create unique petroleum opportunities in the world. We aim to enjoy a strong local presence as well as establish a global identity. Our responsibility is establishing a longstanding relationship with the petroleum and gas sectors across the globe. Our responsibility is our mission. The mission makes our journey meaningful. Our principal operations are at Houston, Texas. We are delivering new opportunities in the production and supply of crude oil, refined oil and liquid natural gas. Our presence opens a new door for the Texans to experience globally competent and impeccable oil and natural gas operations! Our company has ROBUST GOALS (BOTH SHORT-TERM AND LONG-TERM) WITH focus to work closely with communities, with people, with other sectors WHILE ENSURING zero tolerance WITH quality of our supply of oil and natural gas strictly adhering to STRINGENT INTERNATIONAL SPECIFICATIONS.

We come with the promise of dedicated manpower force, seamless production and prudent operations.

OUR COMPANY’S STRONG FOUNDATION IS REINFORCED WITH OUR constant endeavor is to touch lives in a positive way!